"Four people who were blind from birth were led to a tame elephant and asked to describe it.
Lacking the faculty of sight, they used their sense of touch to discover what an elephant might be." http://www.vridhamma.org/en1993-03-04


Each of them interpreted the shape in a different way, and nobody identified an elephant.
I help promote your own business, and let people see your elephant through their own eyes.

New Orchestra Pedrollo – Italy

“Nuova Orchestra Pedrollo involves fifteen professional musicians who have a long experience in concerts and musical teaching. The members of the Orchestra have worked with national and international orchestras and chamber-music groups, even as solos, performing in lots of important chmbers music halls and theatres as the Lincoln Center in New York, the Gran Teatro la Fenice, the Cappella Paolina of the Quirinale, the Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza e the Musikverein of Vienna.”

Fifteen beautiful people from a beautiful northern Italian city, Vicenza.



Advertising service for massage therapists

nearest-massage-advertisingAre you a massage therapist who wants to advertise his own private service?
Here is a resourceful tailored promotional service, for massage therapists, designed by a massage therapist.

Check this website for a few very useful tips: website building, paid advertising, social networking, fliers… all can help your massage service to take off and increase number of customers.

Are you working for a mobile company?
Why not to QUINTUPLE your earning for each massage through local private customers?
Mobile massage therapist earn 40-45 £ per massage.
Each massage can take up to 3 hour (1 for massage + 2 for traveling). The average cost of a return trip with the tube is about 5£.

A few calculations: 40£ – 5£ (tube) = 35£.
35£/3 hours = 11. 67 € per  hour.

With your own LOCAL business you can earn up to 60€ for one single hour (no traveling costs).


Massage Therapist Mike – massage in Tufnell Park and surrounding

Untitled-2Mike offers great massage.
He is trained in different massage techniques, and, people say, has a natural healing power.

Type “4elephants” for a 10% discount on his booking page:


69DropsStudio – Film & Photo Studio for Hire

69 drops Studio is a Film & Photo Studio for hire in East London between Whitechapel Station and Aldgate East, minutes away from Brick Lane! The Studio is in zone 2.

With its 900 square feet (85 square metres) it can accommodate a variety of projects.

69dropsstudio london … 


Living Amsterdam BLOG is back!

LivingAmsterdam.com is back online.

amsterdam blogLivingAmsterdam was born from the philanthropic vision of Robin Travels, social enterprise funding school projects in developing countries like India, Thailand and Nepal, through an online booking system, and literally banned by big corporations like booking and ex-pedia.

Now LivingAmsterdam offers free information, doing its best to help the travellers through an authentic and deep discovery of a marvellous city. Amsterdam indeed has much more to offer than its beauty, museums and, of course, its substances.

Now banned by the government, squatting was legal until 2013, and it produces a impressive, authentic and intense sub-culture, a city into the city. Nowadays squatting is not legal any more, but the wonderful products of those years survive through artistic and social initiatives like Cinemanita, Overtoom 301, or Mezrab.



New Website for Bema Rentals

Bema Rentals (short stay apartments in Amsterdam) recently decided to renew its website.
We decided to give a compact look and install the most important tools for navigation and booking online.

The website is mobile friendly and offers the lowest rates online.
Thanks a discount system, it does not infringe any rate parity agreement.

Alexa ranking at this moment in time (29 Nov 2013) is 424,339, one the best scores among the hotels websites of Amsterdam.

Direct bookings have increased by 23% in 3 months.

Bema Rentals - short stay apartments in Amsterdam city center


Mobile friendly website

Nowadays is it a must. The majority of the visits are made with mobile or tablet devices.

A mobile friendly website gives the possibility to access anywhere at any time to your business. With an easy call-to-action button you can easily improve your revenue and have direct customers.

We can make your website responsive at a competitive price.

Here is our latest works (their online ranking improved almost immediately).



Artebay, contemporary art e-gallery

Artebay is an online contemporary art gallery, realized and promoted by Robin Travels.

We sell original contemporary art all over the world.

All our items are unique and signed by the author.

Our works of art are listed by author or category and available for sale here and on stores.ebay.co.uk/artebay.

The collaboration with the Cultural Association started in early 2013, thanks to a common interest on contemporary art. You will find some important authors like Alberto Biasi, Giuseppe Guerreschi, Leone Minassian, Alberico Morena, Antonio Fasan, Edoardo Landi, Emilio Greco, Felice Casorati, Pavel Mansuroff and many others.

Check here a few works of art.


StephiBookings on Living Amsterdam!

Stefania is one of the most enthusiastic and active persons in Amsterdam! We decided to join forces and place her apartments on LivingAmsterdam.com.

Stephibookings is a friendly passionate hands-on group who wishes to be not only your apartment booking agency but also your personalized trip advisers.

While booking some of the best accommodations in Amsterdam, you will join one of the most welcoming team of this beautiful city.


Robin Lodge

Zone: Frederik Hendrikbuurt
Maximum Occupancy: 6 People
Minimum Stay: 2 Nights
Checkin time: 15:00
Checkout time: 12:00
# Bedrooms: 2 | # Bathrooms: 1
# Beds: 3 double



Article on “La nuova ecologia” – October 2012

Publish in October 2012.

English version:

Living ✱ Amsterdam – Socially Responsible Tourism.

This is what Pittaro Michele, a citizen of Vicenza (Italy) emigrated to Amsterdam wants to achieve with his business, Robin travels. It is a network of schools and associations, that allocates part of the revenue to some educational projects. Currently is paying more attention to the children of the East, but there is intention of dealing with schools all around the world. Booking a stay in Amsterdam through the site www.livingamsterdam.com doesn’t have additional costs compare to any other booking site, and contribute to the project.